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How can I tell if my problem is a dental emergency?

Here at Lake Erie Dental, we provide our patients with dental cleanings and exams to help them maintain healthy smiles and avoid dental emergencies. But life happens, and so do toothaches, broken teeth, and other dental emergencies.

Dr. Kevin Sambuchino does everything he can to help you avoid problems, but we want you to be prepared if an urgent situation arises. Here are some common conditions that would require dental emergency procedures in Erie, PA:

  • Toothaches: Any tooth pain—whether it’s a mild twinge or a throbbing toothache—is not normal and requires dental treatment as soon as possible.
  • Lost dental crowns or fillings: We’ll need to replace a lost tooth filling, but we can often re-cement a lost dental crown back in place if we see you soon enough.
  • Broken or chipped teeth: Even if you’re not in pain, it’s crucial to treat broken or chipped teeth to prevent further damage or fracturing.
  • Infected or abscessed tooth: A severe toothache, inflamed or swollen gums, or a bump on your gums are all signs that you may have an infected tooth and need root canal treatment.
  • Knocked-out tooth: You already know this is a dental emergency, but what you might not know is there’s a window of a couple of hours in which we have hope of replacing it successfully. Call us right away for instructions on what to do until you get to our dental office.

Dr. Kevin Sambuchino and our experienced dental team offer emergency dental procedures in Erie, PA, and we’re always here for you. Call us at (814) 864-7511, so we can get you on our schedule as soon as possible.

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