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Do you see children?

Yes, we can see every member of your family, from the youngest member to the oldest.childrens dentistry erie pa

We usually recommend that young children come to our office along with their parents when they are in for routine examinations and cleanings. Kids can see their parents in the dentist chair and observe that there is nothing to be anxious about.

Caring Children's Dentistry

We like to start seeing children themselves around the age of two. It’s important that you bring your children in regularly for appointments twice each year. Children who are accustomed to visiting the dentist regularly tend to become adults who visit the dentist regularly. Children who are used the dentist also tend to have much less anxiety about seeing the dentist when they are older.

Child's First Dental Visit

When you bring your child in for his or her first appointment, we will conduct a brief examination, check the condition of teeth and gums, and talk about any concerns you might have. We can also go over proper home care and make recommendations for the best tools to use. You should brush and floss for your kids until they have the dexterity to do it for themselves—usually around the age of six. 

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