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What can I do about my dental anxiety?

For many people, fear of the dentist is very real. Some people might feel embarrassed about it, so they simply avoid going to the dentist altogether. This is putting your oral—and overall—sedation dentistry erie pa | dental anxietyhealth at risk.

Dr. Sambuchino and his entire team are comfortable working with fearful patients. Because we are a one-doctor practice, you can rest assured that you will always see the same dentist at every appointment. Some patients find comfort in getting to know the doctor and staff on a personal level.

Transparent Dentistry

Because fear of the unknown can contribute to anxiety, we believe in being up front about everything that will happen in the dental chair. We want you to feel completely comfortable with expected treatments so we will explain everything in detail. If you have questions, we will take all the time needed to answer them.

Sedation Options

If you find that even the familiarity of our office isn’t helping your anxiety, we can offer sedation dentistry such as nitrous oxide. This safe, effective gas is great for helping patients relax while staying fully conscious and able to answer questions as needed.

We don’t want fear to cause you to avoid getting the dental care you need. Let us know what we can do to help!

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