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Tired of Dental Emergencies? Helpful Tips for Avoiding the Inconvenience

November 14, 2019
Posted By: Lake Erie Dental

There are all sorts of dental emergencies, but your main concern with any of them is getting the fast treatment and relief you need.

When you need an emergency dentist in Erie, PA, turn to Dr. Kevin Sambuchino and the team at Lake Erie Dental. We care about your comfort and well-being and will see you the same day to provide the treatment you need—especially if you're in pain. 

But wouldn’t you love to find a way to avoid dental emergencies that disrupt your life? The good news is that you can!

You Can Many Avoid Dental Emergencies

Can you avoid every dental emergency? No.

Can you take steps to make your teeth as "bulletproof" as possible? Absolutely!

The easiest way to prevent dental emergencies is to get into the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once. Cavities and gum disease often develop as the result of poor oral hygiene, so ask your dental hygienist for tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your efforts at home.

You should supplement your oral hygiene efforts with dental exams and teeth cleanings at Lake Erie Dental. These appointments allow your dental team to monitor your oral health, and treating dental problems promptly is always preferable to waiting until they worsen, and you develop a toothache at 2 AM.

These routine appointments also allow our emergency dentist to check the condition of your dental work, including fillings and dental crowns. If we find that a filling is broken or a crown is loose, we’ll fix it right away so it won't pop off your tooth while you’re socializing with friends.

Following a healthy diet is essential, but if you have dental work, you also need to avoid eating hard or crunchy foods like nuts, popcorn, or crunchy chips that could break your teeth. And don’t ever eat sticky foods like gummy candies that loosen dental crowns or pull them off.

Your Emergency Dentist in Erie, PA

Dr. Kevin Sambuchino wants you to know that we are here for your dental emergency, and we won’t ever judge or shame you if you haven’t been proactive with your oral health. But it is so much better for you and your family if we can give you the tools to avoid emergencies that disrupt your life and strain your budget.

Please call Lake Erie Dental to schedule your next dental exam and teeth cleaning. 

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