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If you need or have dentures you are not without options. There are a few different types of dentures that Dr. Sambuchino can fit you with. The different dentures will all fit the same way. The big difference is with the teeth in the dentures. There are different levels of denture teeth and nice denture teeth allow the denture to look lifelike.

Many people have problems with their lower dentures. A lower denture simply rests over your lower jaw. For most people this means it just tends to flop around, making eating very difficult. Upper dentures are quite different because they are able to form a suction to the roof of your mouth. This allows a well fitting denture to stay in place.

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How Can I Solve My Problem Lower Denture?

The best solution to a lower denture that does not stay in place, which is all lower dentures, is to have a few dental implants placed and attach the denture to them. Dr. Sambuchino is able to place these implants with the most advanced laser techniques, which allow for a painless experience. This procedure is often accomplished without any cutting or suturing of the gum, which allow the patient to wear their current denture immediately after the procedure. The denture is engaged with the implants and snaps into position. This keeps the denture from moving, and removes all diet restrictions from the denture patient. Patients can now enjoy all the foods they have given up since getting dentures. If you would like more information about these possibilities call and set up a free consultation with Dr. Sambuchino.