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As a cosmetic dentist Dr. Sambuchino understands the importance of beautiful teeth, however having a beautiful smile is what really leaves a lasting impression. A stunning smile is more than just great teeth. Dermal fillers allow Dr. Sambuchino to create perfect natural lips, setting up the framework for an appealing smile.

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Dr. Sambuchino uses the dermal fillers to:

  • Naturally augment lips
  • Remove deep facial wrinkles
  • Replace lost volume(collagen) in the cheek area – this creates a cheek lift and enhancement in minutes with no pain
  • Remove the jowling appearance the sagging of facial tissue creates
  • Remove deep dark circles(bags) under the eyes
  • Improve the appearance of the nose by filling in areas adjacent to lumps or bends
  • Fill in spaces between teeth created by loss of bone from periodontal disease or loss of tissue due to adult orthodontics – these spaces are referred to as black triangles.
  • Naturally augment chins for patients that would like to improve their profile

aafe-logoHere at Lake Erie Dental, Dr. Sambuchino uses two different types of dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid and calcium-based microspheres which are suspended in a natural, water-based gel, RADIESSE Volumizing Filler. These calcium based microspheres are similar to minerals that are found naturally in your body so allergy testing is not required. Over time, your body absorbs these tiny microspheres and the gel and leaves behind only your own natural collagen. Hyaluronic acid is an injectable gel implant consisting of a complex sugar that is naturally produced in the body to supply elasticity to the skin. Hyaluronic acid will decrease with age, resulting in a loss of firmness in the skin. It will plump up and add volume to deep facial wrinkles and folds, giving the face a smoother and firmer appearance.

Deep wrinkles in the skin can make a person look much older than they are. With Juvederm®, deeply entrenched creases and folds in the skin will be lifted up and filled out so that they will appear smoother. The injections will add volume to wrinkles and creases, thus making them less noticeable. The nasolabial folds, running from the nose down to the mouth, can especially benefit from Juvederm® injections. The patient will have a more youthful appearance after the treatment and will have more supple, firmer facial skin. Looking younger is a tremendous boost to self-confidence and self-esteem for the patient.

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What is the Recovery Time of Juvederm®?
Since Juvederm® is an injection, recovery time should be minimal. There could be some swelling, redness and itching at injection sites. Bumps and firmness can also occur temporarily. Patients may be able to go about their normal routine the same day as the treatment, though it will vary with each individual. The surgeon will discuss with the patient all possible side effects of Juvederm® before the treatment.

Do I need Anesthesia for Juvederm®?
Anesthesia is not necessary for the procedure, but local anesthesia, administered either topically or by injection, can be used to minimize any discomfort for the patient.

Is Juvederm® Safe?
Juvederm® is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The injection is composed of a complex sugar that the body naturally produces, and within a period of six months or slightly longer, it will be absorbed into the body.

Do I need to Prepare for Juvederm®?
To prepare for a Juvederm® procedure, there are certain requirements that the patient must be aware of and comply with. Aspirin and any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will have to be stopped a week before the procedure. Certain herbal supplements will also need to be stopped. By withholding these medications temporarily, bleeding and bruising from the procedure will be minimized.

How Long Does Juvederm® Last?
Juvederm® injections can last up to six months or longer. The hyaluronic acid in the injection will be absorbed into the body within a six to nine month period, so additional treatments shortly after the initial procedure will prolong the results.

What is Radiesse?

With the passage of time, the production of natural collagen within the body will diminish, resulting in loss of elasticity and lack of firmness in the skin. Facial skin will begin to sag, creating wrinkles, lines and creases. As a result of lack of firmness and elasticity, a person will begin to look older. Radiesse is an injectable wrinkle filler that helps to stimulate the body to produce its own natural collagen. This increased production of collagen within the body will plump up wrinkles and give the face a firmer and more supple appearance.

Benefits of Radiesse

The cosmetic improvements in facial skin with a Radiesse treatment can reap great benefits for the patient. It is a wonderful boost to morale to see wrinkled, older-looking skin transformed to a youthful, firm and supple appearance. No one wants to look older than they are, and Radiesse can bring back a younger complexion by helping the body to produce more collagen to fill in wrinkles and firm up the skin.

Radiesse FAQ

What is the Recovery Time of Radiesse?
When a Radiesse treatment has been performed, there may be some slight swelling for a day or so after the treatment, which can be minimized with the application of ice packs. A little bit of facial soreness may also be present for a day or so. A few days is usually the duration of time for recovery from a Radiesse procedure. If any bruising occurs, it may take a little longer for complete recovery. Every person heals at a different rate, so recovery time can vary with each patient.

Is Radiesse Safe?
When Radiesse injections are given by a skilled doctor, such as a cosmetic surgeon, it is a safe procedure. Immediate results can be seen with one treatment. Radiesse encourages the body to increase the production of collagen, enabling the body to help itself. And no animal products or derivatives are used in Radiesse.

Do I need to Prepare for Radiesse?
Before the procedure, the patient will be required to stop taking certain medications. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and certain herbal supplements that act as blood thinners should be stopped temporarily. This will decrease bleeding and bruising from the procedure.

How Long Does Radiesse Last?
The effects of Radiesse are long-lasting, sometimes as much as five years. The production of natural collagen within the body will be stimulated, and with repeated treatments, additional benefits will be gained. Radiesse can help to transform wrinkled skin into firm skin with greater elasticity and suppleness. It can erase years from the patient’s appearance.